Web cam sex: the experimental girl’s guide

Whether you’re camera shy or camera confident, slowly and seductively peeling your clothes back in front of a lens can feel utterly unnatural and forced. Thanks to web cams having ‘sex’ over the internet or at least partaking in some virtual bedroom fun is now the saviour for long distance relationships. “The great thing about using a web cam is that it already plays on the voyeurism of a strip show but you get to control what’s seen,” says burlesque dancer Kitten De Ville. “With a web cam you can move out of shot and just have one leg in view.” To help you star in your own Skype sex strip show Kitten and burlesque teacher, Sharon Kay, share their stripping expertise.
Prep, preen and pamper

For movement inspiration, Kitten advises against watching striptease acts on the internet: “Don’t try and recreate someone else’s moves,” she says. “Watch yourself in the mirror, play about and see where it goes, practice before you call your boyfriend and do what feels good for you. That is what being sexy is.”
When the time comes, set your scene and stage accordingly. “Be careful of your position, if you sit down make sure your posture is good,” adds Kitten. You’ll also need to be aware of lighting, you want to transform your room into something glamorous. Create mood lighting with candles and fairy lights, or use amber light bulbs which are ultra-flattering.

Before you can start you need to feel like a burlesque star and look the part too! Kitten suggests you “take time to pamper yourself and create a sexual image, with false eyelashes and red lipstick. Put on simple things like stockings, a pretty bra and knickers, anything else that can help change your attitude.” As you start transforming, Kitten promises you’ll notice and change in your sexual energy and you’ll feel more confident too.
Ready, set and strip

If you’re battling your blushes, have a glass of wine before turning the web cam on, and of course, it goes without saying you should check your man is sitting solo in front of his computer. Starting off is the hardest part, so what does Kitten suggest your first move be? “Put on some music, take off a bra strap and play with it, cross and uncross your legs to show a bit of flesh and see what your boyfriend’s reaction is. If you get stuck roll a dice and for odd numbers you take something off even numbers your man takes something off.”

Once you’re into a gorgeous groove, start using props, “Play with blankets or pillows and use them to block a view. Straddle a chair, remove your bra and let the back of the chair block your chest,” says Kitten. If your show is spontaneous and you’re wearing pyjama bottoms there’s no excuses for not being sexy. “Run your hands down your bottom, and curve your bum as you pull them down.”

Halfway through you may find you run out of ideas, have a sudden crisis of confidence or get the giggles if your man hasn’t already. Instead of trying to be more serious Sharon says do the opposite, “You need to be over the top to overcome those feelings and work twice as hard to be more flamboyant, not less.” And that sentiment should carry on throughout the entire show, “For the parts of your body you’re not as confident about, make more of them. If it’s your bum, swing your hips more to emphasise things.” With this tips you can work on any escort agency cityofeve.com online that you want.

The best part of using a web cam is that you can turn it off when you’ve finished your strip show and keep your man guessing, or take things further. Or even seductively put your clothes back on as Kitten suggests. To make sure you perform a perfect show, Sharon says you need to respond to the reaction of your audience and make sure you act accordingly, while Kitten’s number one rule is not to take things seriously, have fun and play up to it.”