The Evolution of Kingston Escorts

In Egypt, prostitution is, without a doubt, illegal. However, after the revolution in Egypt, life and living became more and more difficult. Families struggle to earn a living, no matter how hard they tried. There are business establishments that lay-off employees, or worse, they close due to bankruptcy. At some point, families become so desperate that their last resort would be to engage in prostitution. Because of this, a lot of women with this job are seen in big cities, like Cairo and Alexandria, particularly those where foreigners lurk around. In Egypt, these prostitutes are called “Escorts”. They are seen almost anywhere like in coffee shops, outside apartments or hotels, casinos, and even the streets says

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For unfortunate and deprived Egyptian women, escort service is the easiest way to earn a living – to feed their children, or meet the needs of their families. This is especially true for those women who were abandoned by their parents at a young age. Some of them even struggle with being one. They do not want to, but they had to. There are those who are even unable to demand payment. Yet, they allow men to do whatever they wished to do with her.


Young men in Egypt, who do not earn that much and are incapable of getting married, resort to paying Kingston escorts to provide them with physical intimacy. If a man wants to have sex, he can simply go to a prostitute and pay them for sex. Now-a-days, the least expensive Kingston escorts are those of the Egyptian race. These women are frequently seen in apartments and coffee shops waiting for their customers to approach them.


However, casinos and hotel casinos have different Egyptian escorts. Their prices are way higher than those in the streets and apartments. These women cater to foreigners and gamblers from all over the world. They receive as much as USD400 per client, and they are free to do whatever they wanted. Some of these women are abandoned by their parents at their young age and wander in the streets. In order to live, they end up with being escorts.


Moreover, there are tons of websites that are devoted to selling sex in cities such as Cairo, in Egypt. Beginning at USD450 per hour to over a thousand for overnight stays, a man can already have an escort and do whatever he wishes to do with her.


The worst type of Kingston escorts in Egypt are called the “summer marriages”. Because of their desperation, parents sell their children who are as young as 13 years old to strangers. These men marry these girls and provide bogus wedding certificates, which are issued by the country to extremely wealthy individuals. These men take their pseudo-wives for a brief honeymoon before they hand their families a handful of cash.


Prostitution is illegal in Egypt. When caught the charges are extremely rough. However, in these cases, only women are being charged. The men involved, especially those who are filthy rich get away from being charged scot-free.

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