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How I finally Became Body Confident

Would you like to feel more confident about your body? Some say that being body confident is all in your head. I know that is part of the solution, but it is not the entire solution. Before I joined London escorts I can’t say that I was totally body confident. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have learned more about the body and know what works for it. The truth is that I used to spend hours in the gym only to find out that I was not doing the right kind of exercises for me.

I had not been with London escorts very long when I met this new personal trainer at the gym. We got on very well and I was even brave enough to tell her that I worked for a London escorts. She did not bat an eyelid which was great, and she also understands that I wanted to have more a feminine figure. To my delight, she was happy to help to work out the perfect exercise routine for me.

How do get a more feminine figure to fit in at London escorts? At the time, I was really hooked on doing weight lifting and strength training. My mom had lost a lot of her muscle tone going through the menopause and I did not want to go through the same thing. I thought that focusing on gaining muscle early on would help me later on in life. However, it was certainly not giving the feminine figure that I was craving for. What I needed was something much more gentle, and it was not long before I started to go to yoga classes like the rest of the girls who worked for our London escorts agency.

I also ditched all of the hours that I used to run on the treadmill. Instead, I took up spinning and found that it did my legs a lot of goods. Before I knew it, I noticed that I was quickly ending up with really great looking legs which looked great in the mini skirts that I was planning to wear at London escorts. My new work out routine also took up a lot less time and I soon found that I had more time for myself.

Did I manage to achieve my new feminine figure? Yes, I did manage to achieve my new feminine London escorts look in record time. I ditched my old routine completely and ended up focusing on my new work out. As my figure changed little by little I started to feel more and more body confident. It felt good and I started to feel better about myself. After about two months of working out, I felt so good about myself that I had new portfolio photos done, It was great and my London escorts career was off to a flying start.


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