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How to stay petite

Lots of girls think it is easy to work as a petite escort but the truth is that staying small is not always that easy. There are quite a few petite escorts in London, and most of the girls are very conscious that they need to focus on fulfilling their roles. For instance, if you want to stay working as a petite, you really need to focus on your diet. It is easy to presume that fat is the worst enemy to keep yourself thin but that is not true. If you are really serious about staying petite, you need to think about other things as well.

Petite escorts have always been part of the London scene, but I am not sure if other escorts appreciate how hard we work at trying to stay the way we are. Exercise is vital but you don’t want to do that kind of exercise that bulks you out. A lot of exercise today is focused and geared towards building muscles but I am not so sure that is right. Personally I am into that kind of exercise that makes my muscles appear longer and stringer, so yoga is a very important part of my exercise routine.

Staying away from too many food additives is another important factor. Food additives can really make you pile on the pounds. The most common food additive today is soya and is perhaps the food additive which is most likely to cause weight gain. A lot of women think that soya is good of them but it is not. All petite escorts that I know always try to stay away from food containing soya. The problem is that so much is fed to cattle these days that it is hard to stay away from it.

I don’t like dressing my age and that helps when it comes to working for London petite escorts. My favorite color is still pink and I wear a lot of pink clothes. It is not only when I am working for petite escorts that I wear pink clothes, I wear them at other times as well. I know that it can make you look kind of silly but I am a bit on the silly side. My mom says that I am just meant to be dressed in pick for the rest of my life, and I don’t have a problem with that at all.

London petite escorts are not as common as they used to be. Most girls these days grow too tall or too big to be able to work as petites. It is a sought after role and you can do really well as a petite escort. I love it and I work hard to stay as a petite escort. It is one of the most important things in my life, and I could not see myself doing anything else. I am glad that I like to keep fit and have a passion for wearing pink, I am not sure that all girls could pull this role off.