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I just love to swing

I am a real serious swinger but I love dating escorts as well. Now as far as I know Hendon escorts never get involved in swinging but they are stunning all the same. Hendon is kind of a leafy suburb of London, and I have been involved in the Hendon swingers community for many years.

There are several different swingers’ group here but I only belong to two of them. I never used to date escorts, however we never had any Hendon escorts services until recently. My wife is okay with me dating Hendon escorts, she knows that I am mad about girls and can’t get enough of female company.

To be honest, we are both a bit sex mad and that is why we are so involved in the swingers scene here in Hendon. Of course, Hendon escorts are just sexy companions and I don’t mind a sexy companion or two. A couple of the Hendon escorts that I date also enjoy giving tantric massages, and I really like that. Perhaps this is the main reason I like to date Hendon escorts so much, they are really good at giving massages and I need my fair share of stress relief.

hendon escorts finest girls ever

hendon escorts finest girls ever


Pippina is a real sweet girl who works for one of a leading Hendon escorts agency, Pippina and I meet up every Thursday, and she gives me the most delightful massage. She starts from my toes, and massages me all the way up to my groin, then she switches and works her way down from my shoulders. It is the most amazing experience, and I can just stay for hours on that massage table as she rubs, teases and pleases me in ways you would not have though possible.

If, I didn’t have my sweet Pippina to keep me entertained on Thursdays, I just don’t know what I would do with myself. I love to be able to spend that sort of quality time with Pippina more often but I have to work as well. Some men have golf, but I have my little Pippina to play with.

Monday Olga

I call her Monday Olga as I see her every Monday evening after work. Olga is from Russia and is not into tantric massage. She practices standard Russian massage and is not always that gently with me. My wife loves at me when I come back from a session with Olga. She can tell by the way that I walk that I have spent time with Olga.

If Olga decides that you are naughty, she will give you an extra work out and it can be really exhausting. I must be naughty all the time as I think i just about survive a session with the stunning Olga and her 34DD friends.

Hendon escorts are very versatile, and you will find some very interesting services offered in this part of town. I try to make the most of what is an offer, and I can’t say that I have come across anything I would not recommend to anybody else.