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The naked truth

The reverse cow girl position will totally help you achieved what you want at the end. This is the position in which the angle of the penis is directly through the front wall of the vagina that will stimulate the area of the girls G-spot. You will be both happy.  Speaking of G-spot, upon looking for it you need to use butterfly position. The girl’s legs all the way up and suck in right as she’s coming to get the fireworks sensation of the lights behind the eyes.

Be kind to the person that you love to fuck with. Make sure you consider what your partner loves to. If he likes the light turns off and you like lights on all you need to do is to find ways to overcome it. Make amendment do not ruin the night with that simple but weird thing as a person. Drink some wine it will lead you to vigorous kind of sex.  Wine increases women sexual desire. It even improves sexual functioning through the increase of blood flow to key areas of the body.  The night will become intimate more than you expected to happen.

A sensual massage consists of aroma to body that adheres total intense of satisfaction that would totally lead to orgasm. Another thing also, aside from the things mentioned earlier is that you need to feel confident and great with yourself and your partner too. Be more open to different kinds of sexual activity, and more likely to orgasm to feel relaxed. When a man goes down to partner you need to be enthusiastic, tell your partners how beautiful and great she taste. Use the ear on telling these words. This will totally help in boosting your sexual orgasm. Touch everything in your partner with so much firmness and gentleness. Thus sensual touching releases a powerful sex hormone which increases women’s testosterone levels and ignites sex drive. The seductive feeling rubbed on skin turn on more passionate sex for the two of you.