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Nude selfies

Despite what most people might assume, nude photos are not exactly a recent invention; in fact it was common practice for women in the olden days to gift their husbands with nude photos of themselves.

Today most people are unlikely to find the courage to stand naked in front of a professional photographer, London escorts do it all the time when they need to update their London escorts profile pictures.

It is for these reasons that nude selfies are so popular. They allow individuals to capture their naked form in comfort and relaxation, without prying eyes.

Taking Nude Selfies

There is an art to taking nude selfies

There is an art to taking nude selfies

There is an art to taking nude selfies, especially for those individuals looking to produce a more sophisticated product, such as London escorts attempting to sell themselves on social media.

It is common for determined individuals to first set the scene for their selfie; be it a bathroom or hotel room, the key is to make it as sexy as possible. Especially for escorts in London trying to sell themselves, even utilising the comfort of your bedroom should involve more effort than simply lying on the bed. Close attention must be paid to the colour of the sheets, and lamps and candles are also an option to create the proper atmosphere.

Often the key lies with first determining the sort of image you want to portray, and then presenting yourself and even applying the right make up accordingly. The idea is to remember than selfies can be so much more than blurry images taken at a moment’s notice.

They can emerge as pictures of true quality, even when taken by the lowest quality camera phone. The key is creating the right atmosphere.


There is an artistic element to even the most crude nude selfies; however not all selfies are taken with the aim of displaying them on the internet for all the world to see. And while the risk is always present, one need not extinguish their urges and desires to capture their body in all its nude glory, not when there are steps you can take to prevent your nude selfies from reaching unintended eyes.

Obviously this is not the case for London escorts.

The most rational first step is to control the number of devices upon which your nude selfies are stored; if you snap a few nude selfies with your phone, it would be unwise to upload them on any cloud or internet sites, even those websites that claim to provide top of the line security. Restricting your intimate photos to your phone or private computer is often the best choice.

Passwords are also pretty common methods of maintaining your privacy across all your electronic devices; more important is being careful with whom you allow to access your phone, tablet, computer etc.

Skilled persons can always overcome the mundane security mechanisms most people use to protect their devices. Many an individual has taken to encrypting their photos before emailing them. And, as many an escort would tell you, it isn’t always advisable to include your face in a nude selfie; in fact most people would advise keeping the focus on your body. That way any accidental leaks that occur will not compromise your identity.

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